Student Camera



Sometimes you need an unusual platform to reach teens and young adults with the gospel, especially if working in a semi-closed country… like… photography lessons! Teenagers love to take pictures and have their pictures taken. It’s a form of communication that transcends language and culture barriers. Our photography teams, made up of professional and semi-pro photographers, teach concepts of photography while also discipling their students, sharing their testimonies, and explaining the gospel. We have seen many young people get saved through this type of ministry!

To make this work, we need student cameras. Generally we use point-and-shoots with a few extra features. The students are surprisingly respectful and gentle with the cameras and we’ve never had one stolen. However, eventually, the many users, thousands of miles traveled, and general dirt and grit of poor countries wears down the cameras and they need to be replaced. We are currently in need of eight new cameras. The cost includes the camera, battery, and memory card.

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