Staff Support

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Ever wondered how the mission teams end up at their destination with flights, children’s ministry supplies, ministry projects, translators, curriculum, housing, transportation, meals… in short, everything need to function effectively as a mission team thousands of miles from home? It doesn’t happen by magic! There is an awesome group of dedicated individuals working behind the scenes to book those tickets, write that curriculum, purchase those supplies, and arrange all those logistics. Without them, the mission teams wouldn’t happen. Want to totally make their day? Donate toward the salaries that mean our staff can eat, put gas in their cars, have a roof over their head, and go on mission trips themselves.

You can give a one-time donation right here! Want to join their monthly support team or donate toward a specific staff member? Go over to our main Global Encounters site to set up recurring donations or choose a staff member to support. You can also read up on each staff member on our staff bio pages.