Medical Team Pharmacy

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If you meet people’s physical needs, and show love to them in the process, then they are very interested in what you have to offer for their spiritual needs. Medical clinics are all about showing love to people in very practical ways to open hearts to the message of the gospel. Each person who comes through one of our clinics has the opportunity to pray with someone and to hear the gospel. We have seen many patients receive salvation!

One practical way to meet needs in the extremely poor rural communities where the medical team works is to provide some basic and much needed medications for free. We spend an average of $1.50 per patient on medications (meds are cheaper in Mexico and not all patients need them). However, even this small dollar amount adds up when you see 70-100 patients a day. The total amount spent on medications by one team is around $1250 or $125 per day that the clinic is open.