Flights for Burmese Teachers


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Provide the flights needed for 8 Burmese young people to travel with the GE team, translate, and learn teaching skills! Each year the Myanmar team trains a group of Burmese young people in children’s ministry skills. After a week of training, these ten new teachers travel with the team around Myanmar for three weeks to work with the children, translate for us, and get hands-on experience teaching kids. The first week, they are primarily the assistant teachers. During the second week, we hand off more responsibility to them. By the last week most of them are able to teach on their own. The young people we have trained the last two years have stayed very active in children’s ministry, sending us regular reports of their work. They have reached hundreds of children around Myanmar!

These Burmese young people cover what they can of their expenses when traveling, but the flights are out of their reach financially.

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